Prices and Subscriptions

We use Pay-n-Plan app for all our bookings, plannings, payments and archive of personal records.

To book a free-of-charge Introduction training, please follow the link:

To book a regular training, you are required to subscribe as a customer and boor the date and pay online before the training through our app:

The prices of our services are listed bellow:

Introduction training: Gratis

Test training:  €10,00

BodyTec training (20 min): €20,00

Set of 5 BodyTec trainings: €80,00

BodyTec monthly subscription (1 pw): €70,00

BodyTec monthly subscription (2 pw): €130,00

Rent BodyTec underwear: €5,00

Purchase BodyTec underwear: €45,00

EMS facial treatment: €20,00